The "Paris" Delegation

Principals from France

Mylène Launay is our Paris coordinator with the able support of author-singer Christian Stalla and performer Rhian Nichol.
Workshops and presentations will be led by singer-actors Natalie Joly and Marie-Thérèse Orain, authors Michel Trihoreau and Yves Bertrand, singer Michel Grange, pianist Jean-Claude Orfali among others.

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Stalla 2 (12K)
Christian Stalla
Chanteur et l'Éditeur de la Collection Cabaret
JeanClaudeOrfali_120 (9K)
Jean-Claude Orfali
Orain 120 (7K)
Marie-Thérèse Orain
Grange_120 (8K)
Michel Grange
michel t_120 (7K)
Michel Trihoreau
Mylene4_120 (4K)
Mylène Launay
Nathalie 2009-yvette-guilbert-2_120 (33K)
Nathalie Joly
Rhian_120 (5K)
Rhian Nichol
Yves Bertrand_120 (4K)
Yves Bertrand

Conference Participants from France

The updated list of singers, auditors, and writers is posted here.

Correspondante à Paris
Mylène Launay : 06 71 83 70 65
Correspondent in Chicago
Claudia Hommel : 1-773-509-9360

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