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A critical element to this Cabaret Connexion is the opportunity to discuss the economic, business and future of cabaret. At the first Connexion conference in Paris in September 2017 we were challenged by the declaration "le cabaret est mort". How could this be?! Since this came from preeminent purveyors and performers of cabaret, our response is to reconstruct cabaret for the 21st century. Not exclusive to a type of venue, not limited to a certain repertoire or style of performance, but always to maintain the intimate relationship between performer and audience, and the essence of truth-telling whether through ballad, parody or burlesque. To "le cabaret est mort" we say "Vive le cabaret!"

Three roundtable discussions on critical aspects of cabaret in the 21st century
Panels are in formation. We invite your recommendations for perceptive and articulate participants to help lead these discussions.
Suggested donation for non-registrants is $10 for each. Optional (cash) meals will be available at each.

WEDNESDAY, October 31
5:45 PM Round Table: the Economics of Cabaret.
The perspective of club owners, managers, venues, and other presenters. What are the challenges to creating the cabaret room, a cabaret "scene"?
Old Town School of Folk Music at 4545 North Lincoln Avenue (OTS Café-suppers available)

FRIDAY, November 2
5:45 PM Roundtable: The Business of cabaret.
The perspective of performers. How to make a career in cabaret, what constitutes a "professional", how do we maximize the opportunities to develop the craft and to do the work?
Hilary Feldman (artistic director of AOK Cabaret) and others.
Wishbone North Restaurant at 3300 N. Lincoln Ave.

SATURDAY, November 3
5:45 PM Roundtable: The Future of Cabaret .
The building of networks, creating the audience's appetite for live intimate performance. What makes our work so fragile, yet invaluable and perhaps inevitable?
DePaul School of Music at 804 W. Belden (student lounge across from the recital hall; buffet dinner optional)

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Yves Bertrand : 06 30 25 22 49
Correspondent in CHICAGO
Claudia Hommel : 1-773-509-9360

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