Master Classes offer individualized instruction for a finite number of singers.
Workshops are unrestricted group classes.
All workshops and master classes are open to non-singing auditors.

Visit Workshop Assignments page to check availability and select your sessions now.
Click here for the full workshop schedule. Many of the master classes are near-full, but there are waiting lists and all sessions are open to audit.

  • Morning sessions are from 10 AM-1 PM. Afternoon sessions are from 2:30 PM to 5:30 PM. Click here for full workshop schedule.
  • Alex Rybeck's PIANIST as MUSIC DIRECTOR is open to all singers. Singers, bring your pianists!
  • Elizabeth Doyle's SONGWRITERS CONNEXION features Megon McDonough (AM) and Carla Gordon (PM). All lyricist/composers of song, come on down!
  • Registrants for four or eight days have the opportunity to perform in the Showcase concert on Sunday, November 4.

    • In order of appearance:

        1) FAITH PRINCE: Connecting yourself to your material
        "No one else has ever sung your song like you. Prepare by knowing your songs and being able to speak them as a monologue." Full-week participants will have from 9 to 15 hours of hands-on master class sessions with Faith.

        2) ALEX RYBECK: The role of pianist as arranger and music director.
        "The relationship between a pianist and a singer is like a ballroom dance team—a close partnership to create a single entity, the performance of a song to create a coherent story. The purpose of this workshop is to explore the qualities of this unique relationship, encourage productive collaboration, develop practical skills, avoid pitfalls, and discuss experiences. Topics include: The importance of lyrics and subtext, "underscoring" the singer's "movie", accompaniments that deviate from the printed page. Versatility of skills ("chops"). Charts and transcriptions. Developing a library. Business matters. And more. Pianists are encouraged to bring a singer who may demonstrate the work. My goal is to create a roundtable discussion for participants to contribute their experiences and demonstrate for each another, things that have worked (or not!).
        Pianists are offered a special à la carte option when joining this session.

        3) KYLE HUSTEDT and The Cabaret Project: Cabaret when burlesque comes to play
        "Exploring the origins of cabaret in European nightlife and social culture and its diaspora through the Second World War; the rise of the singer and band in American nightlife culture and the rift created between the nightlife entertainment genres of cabaret, burlesque, drag and vaudeville. This workshop will look at how borrowing from many disciplines creates a cross-market style of entertainment that is diverse and broad, mirroring the cabaret origins of of the late 19th and early 20th century Parisian and Berliner experiences, and their provocative results. The workshop will discuss bringing together markets and styles to create more opportunity and a broader fan-base for nightlife entertainers while exploring the confusion around the definition of "cabaret". Two participants each session will be selected to collaborate and present their song with an on-site burlesque artist. All participants will have an opportunity to perform and explore their number from a more theatrical, burlesque based perspective."

        4) GRETA POPE: Putting Your Act Together
        " have studied rigorously with your private teacher and your voice is sounding fantastic! What is the next step? How do you monetize your art? How do you craft a performance that tells the world who YOU are? A performance that expresses your view on life? A performance that will earn you the accolades and generate the dollars that you deserve? Come and hang with Dr. Greta Pope, author of Music, Money & You: Managing the Business to learn how to take your music to the next step. Let's Put Your Act Together!"

        5) ELISABETH HOWARD: "Vocal Power" Toolkit for Cabaret
        • Increase your range from lowest chest voice notes, through the mix and up into the highest notes way above the staff.
        • Resonances for "word painting."
        • Use the vibrato appropriate to the expression of the word.
        • Power and Projection without strain
        • Soft singing
        • Crescendos and decrescendos
        • Vocal tract configurations for emotional expression.
        • Singers should bring sixteen bars of a song they would like to work on.

        6) ELIZABETH DOYLE: Songwriters in cabaret
        This workshop follows a special 6-hour format, with guest coaches singer-songwriter Megon McDonough and lyricist/parodist Carla Gordon will join Elizabeth to explore the art of songwriting and performance of original songs in cabaret. Bring your original songs and song ideas. More details to follow.

        7) CHRISTIAN PAGÈS of Paris: Body and song: the voice incorporated
        "A workshop in three stages: Group exercises to associate body, voice, and breath to create energetic support, gesture, and the taking of space; voice exercises with piano accompaniment; and application to the individual song. My work takes full advantage of the dynamics of the group. Some will serve as an example and others will benefit from seeing those examples. Bring a verse and chorus of a song. We will explore the quality and color of the sound as applied to interpretation. I will give tools for those who wish to continue this work on their own. Everyone will find what suits them best."

        8) CLOTILDE RULLAUD of Paris: World-Inspired Vocal Colors, Vibrations and Harmonics
        "With vocal techniques inspired by various singing traditions around the world, I will show you how your voice can be a shape-shifting instrument. I will give you sound-based tools to express more closely the subtle feelings inspired by each song, to be soul to soul and heart to heart bound with your audience."

        9) SPIDER SALOFF: Jazz Basics for Every Singer
        "There is reason that some of the greatest interpreters of song have their roots in jazz. This workshop will teach you basics about time, dynamics, phrasing, and using the music AND the lyrics to captivate your audience. We will be doing some fun exercises with improvisation and the use of dynamics with the whole group. And then there will be some individuals who will working on an entire song. I will also be discussing the approach of 'making your voice sound like you,' along with how to engage an audience and keep them with you."

        10) DALE CALANDRA: Comedy: singing, songs, and styles
        "We'll explore methods of singing and writing a "Comic Song" in various genres. COMEDY is an ART, not a Science. our goal is to free up your presentation thru voice, body, and character creation. Prepare a comedy-style song from Broadway/Cabaret/Parody/etc. Bring sheet music; paper and pen; props or costumes you might want to use. (The song need not be memorized.)"

        11) PAUL L MARTIN of London: The Golden Thread—the Relationship to your Audience
        "Masterclass incorporating both group and 1-2-1 opportunities; exploring the delicate connection between audience and performer—how to create and sustain it when there is no fourth wall between us. Please bring sheet music in the correct key for 2-3 songs of any genre that you already know well. Lyrics must be known in order for me to work with you. Participants will be given the chance to explore, through practical application, exercises and games, how to achieve a strong and enduring link with an audience while on-stage and what being brave enough to break down the barriers between both parties can buy us."

        12) PAUL L MARTIN of London: Shaping Your Show
        We've asked Paul for an additional workshop on the process of analyzing songs to put together in your own set. Here's a video taste of how Paul and his teaching partners have approached the question of song selection. And a Cabaret Scenes article on Paul's overall cabaret mission.

        SPECIAL SUPPLEMENT on Tuesday morning for a limited number of our registrants and guests is a private viewing of prints and drawings at the AIC, to see up close original artwork by Steinlein, Toulouse-Lautrec, and others documenting and imagining the cabaret life of the Belle Epoque in France.

    Profiles of our principals are located here.

    DAY and LOCATION Morning Option A Morning Option B Morning Option C Afternoon Option D Afternoon Option E Afternoon Option F
    MONDAY 10/29 at Davenport's 1) Faith & Alex on Connecting to your song (everyone attends) No alternate session 2) Alex and pianists meet on music directing and arranging or 3) Burlesque in cabaret with Kyle Hustedt
    TUESDAY 10/30 at Davenport's Visiting Art Institute of Chicago Study Room with Yves Bertrand 2) Alex and pianists meet on music directing and arranging or 4) Your Act with Greta Pope 3) Burlesque in cabaret with Kyle Hustedt or 4) Your Act with Greta Pope
    WEDNESDAY 10/31 [Halloween] at Old Town School 1) Faith & Alex on Connecting to your song 5) Elisabeth Howard on Vocal Power 5) Elisabeth Howard on Vocal Power 1) Faith & Alex on Connecting to your song
    THURSDAY 11/1 at Old Town School 1) Faith on Connecting to your song 6) Songwriters with Elizabeth Doyle 7) Christian Pagès' Body and song 1) Faith on Connecting to your song 6) Songwriters with Elizabeth Doyle 8) Vocal Colors with Clotilde Rullaud
    FRIDAY 11/2 at Old Town School 1) Faith on comedy in song 7) Christian Pagès' Body and song 9) Spider Saloff's Playing with jazz 1) Faith & Alex on comedy in song 9) Spider Saloff's Playing with jazz 8) Vocal Colors with Clotilde Rullaud
    SATURDAY 11/3 at DePaul School of Music 1) Faith on Connecting to your song 10) Comedy in song with Dale 11)Paul L Martin on Golden Thread to audience 1) Faith on Connecting to your song 10) Comedy in song with Dale 11)Paul L Martin on Golden Thread to audience
    SUNDAY 11/4 at DePaul School of Music 2 hours of workshop/rehearsal with Faith 2 hours of workshop/rehearsal with director Dale Calandra or 12)Paul L Martin on Shaping Your Show (3 hours) 2 hours of workshop/rehearsal with Faith 2 hours of workshop/rehearsal with director Dale Calandra OR see the play "Master Class" at 2 PM

    Correspondant en FRANCE
    Yves Bertrand : 06 30 25 22 49
    Correspondent in CHICAGO
    Claudia Hommel : 1-773-509-9360

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