CPCx 2023 Festival Overview

Paulus, Ava Logan, Claudia Hommel, Mylène Launay, Barbara Smith, Jean-Claude Orfali,
Jeanne Franks, Mimei Sakamoto, Benjamin Legrand,Lynne Jordan, Michèle Barbier,Anne Fromm, Stefan Kukurugya, Mark & Anne Burnell, Louella Rose, Jeanie Carroll, Maryline Rollet, Isabelle Georges!


Tickets for each concert are reserved through box offices in French. If you need help translating, send a message to [email protected]

Preview activities

Round tables are free and open to the public.
Conference registration and entrance fees apply to some of these events.

Saturday, August 26

8:00 pm
Saint-Cyprien (Dordogne)

Monday, August 28-Friday September 1
10 am–5:30 pm each day 
Salle A = 21 bis rue des ecoles l’Harmattan

Salle B = Centre Culturel Italien, 21 rue des Carmes

Monday, August 28


(21 bis rue des écoles)

Monday, August 28
7 pm – 8:30
(Piano Vache
8 rue Laplace)

Monday, August 28

8:30 pm-11 pm

Le Piano vache
8 rue Laplace Paris V

Tuesday, August 29

5:30 pm–7 pm

(21 bis rue des écoles)

Tuesday, August 29
9 pm–midnight

22 rue des Saules Paris, XVIII

Wednesday, August 30

5:30pm -7 pm

21 bis rue des Ecoles

Wednesday, August 30

8 pm–10 pm

Péniche Marcounet, Port des Célestins,

Quai de l’Hôtel de ville, Paris 75004

Friday, September 1
10 am-12:30 pm
L’Harmattan (21 bis rue des écoles) Paris V