CPCx Cabaret Connexion 2022 Highlights

Chicago Paris Cabaret Connexion ran during the day
concurrently with Chicago Cabaret Week at night!

Chicago Paris Cabaret Connexion, May 8-16, 2022 

While the evenings were filled with vocal performances as part of Chicago Cabaret Week, daytime was dedicated to artistic growth and development. The Chicago Paris Cabaret Connexion (#CPCx) Conference held masterclasses and workshops with Chicago-, New York- and Paris-based instructors. Performers honed their craft, connected more deeply to their material, and built relationships with other performers.

Classes and workshops

Moderated by Margaret Murphy Webb with Lynne Jordan, Michèle Barbier and Denise Tomasello
Michèle Barbier, Margaret Murphy Webb, Denise Tomasello, Lynne Jordan
Claudia Hommel, Denise Tomasello, Elisabeth Howard
Alex Rybeck and Jeff Harnar
AlexRybeck headshot
Isabelle Georges
David Edelfelt
Spider Saloff
Elisabeth Howard
Beckie Menzie
Beckie Menzie, Jeannie Carroll
Darren Stephens, Elizabeth Doyle and Patrick Pernet
Carla Gordon and Claudia Hommel
Elizabeth Doyle, and Patrick Pernet
Kyle Hustedt and Hot Toddy
Dale Calandra
Clotilde Rullaud
Clotilde Hommel, Maryline Rollet
Clotilde Rullaud and Elisabeth Howard

The CPCx Conference concluded with a Showcase Concert demonstrating the results of a week of intense work by conference attendees.

The May 16 finale concert, “Josephine Baker and the Legacy of Fervor”, co-presented with the Alliance Française, celebrated the great performer’s legacy. A team of French artists, including Baker’s one-time private secretary, Michèle Barbier, and artists from Black Voices in Cabaret, performed.

Chicago Paris Cabaret Connexion, end of August 2023 in France!

Playbills from our concerts