Our Sponsors

Thanks, supporters!

Individual Donors

We recognize those who have donated $250 or more to the Chicago 2018 fund campaign. Keynote sponsors are in bold:

Dr. Carey and Brett August
Drew Fase
Lynda Gordon
Rosemary Krimbel
Floyd Mittleman
Marcie and Robert Y. Paddock, Jr
Genevieve Phelps
Jack Rose
Steve and Suzanne Sharer
Lydia Stux
Denise Tomasello and Donald Conover
Robert Yassan

In addition to our concert audiences who give generously at concerts and garden parties, we thank the following keynote donors who contributed between $100 and $1000:

Cliff & Ann Joseph
Clyde Whitaker
Genevieve Phelps
Jack Rose
Joan Staples
Kathy and Roger Huff
Lynda Gordon
Robert Yassan
Steve and Suzanne Sharer
Steven Roger Cole

We thank singers who registered for the program and joined Elizabeth, Claudia, Kat and Natalja in Paris:

Barb Smith
Carol Weston
Carrie Hedges
Deborah Good
Lydia Stux
Marilena Serbanescu
Mary Joyce
Rebecca Toon
Sue Berke

And we thank singers who gave of their time to perform at the Chicago concerts. We expect them to come with us to France next time!

Ava Logan
Cynthia Clarey
Jo Rainey
Lynne Jordan