Program in process

This is a tentative schedule of all the workshops, master classes, round tables and evening events for the 2024 conference and festival in Chicago.

There are a lot of moving parts, including most of all, the registration of participants. So please check back with the organizers to confirm specific events and times. There may be as many as three concurrent sessions in the morning and afternoon from Tuesday through Saturday.

The concert themes and venues are provisional:

  • October 31: Jeanie Carroll curates What Are You Afraid Of? opens for Anne Fromm’s Kurt Weill Circus at the Dankhaus Brauhaus room.
  • November 1: Anne Burnell curates the opening act for Isabelle Georges’ Ooh, là, là ! to the Rhapsody Theater
  • November 2: Piaf and Porter at the Alliance Française
  • November 3: Connexion Showcase at DePaul School of Music
  • November 4: Lexa Mexa curates Old Town welcomes Montmartre: kick the can to can can