Preparing for the Connexion 2023

(Stay tuned for a separate Travelers’ Prep page to address questions of transportation, lodging, and logistics in Paris.)


If you’ve arrived via the Paypal site, please be sure you have ALSO submitted the Registration form so we can learn of your experience, interests, ways to help and more.


Let’s be sure you’re on the roster! Take a look at the 2023 personnel page to prepare your own short bio and photo.


  • Bring a collection of the songs you sing. In your key. Know the tune and words VERY WELL
  • Three printed copies (for coach, pianist, and yourself).
  • Some accompanists and teachers prefer lead sheets, others a written score. In any case, please tape the pages to spread out accordion-style or have them in a 3-ring binder. Be sure the score is marked with any changes you use (repeats, codas, ritards, tags and the like). If using plastic sleeves, use matte (non glossy).
  • People wanting maximum work time are smart to choose SHORT songs, and songs that most pianists can sight-read at ease. Memorized and learned accurately.
  • Please send all songs, but especially anything non-standard, as PDFs to share with the accompanists by August 15 to .
  • We recommend printing out the lyrics separately as well. Very useful to several sessions: a separate page of lyrics for each song, for the coach to mark up as needed.
  • To participate in the Showcase concert (Monday, September 4): Bring at least 2 or 3 songs you love to sing. One of these will be chosen for the finale concert.
  • For vocal technique sessions: Bring a song or two you find challenging, for which you want help with registration and resonance, high notes and low, the mix or blend, power and projection, dynamics, color and vibrato. Wear an outfit that allows you to be physically comfortable.
  • For jazz styling, bring a relatively familiar song from the classic songbook. You are encouraged to send a list of 4 to 6 songs in advance. You’ll end up working on one of them. Be sure your printed lead sheets are taped accordion style (this is usually easier than in a binder). Lead sheets must have the melody, lyrics and chords.
  • For show creation, promotion, character and persona sessions: Prepare a list of all the songs that would potentially be in your one-person or group show (a list of 20 to 35 songs). Any genre of song. 
  • Include songs in a “comedic” sense: comedy-style song from broadway/ cabaret/ parody/etc. It can be a “funny” song or one in which we’ll find the humor. Any genre/style.  
  • Bring paper and pen. A voice recorder to record your own work!
  • Any “Props/Costumes” you might want to use.
  • Chicago area singers are encouraged to attend SongShop, ongoing weekly song interpretation sessions in advance of the conference. Tuesday evenings at DePaul School of Music and some Saturdays at private homes.