Chicago Paris Cabaret Connexion

an initiative of Working In Concert

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Conference Overview (Chicago 2022)

To further the essential conversation on the art of cabaret, we host international exchanges among performers, teachers and coaches, writers, historians, and fans.

Join us LIVE IN CHICAGO, May 8-16, 2022 ! The conference of Chicago Paris Cabaret Connexion is a unique opportunity to advance the art of cabaret, to be inspired by fellow artists, and to create an intimate connection with the public.

Early registrants get their choice of workshops and teachers they want to work with. Register first, then sign up for individual sessions


  • Master classes every morning and afternoon for professionals and passionate amateurs who wish to develop their art further, with coaches in English and French!
  • Outings every evening to explore the legendary cabaret of Chicago!
  • Every day offers cultural exchanges, and a chance to make friends and professional acquaintances with others who are passionate about singing and cabaret!


Full week of programs ($650) includes:

  • Your choice of 10 workshop sessions (2 per day)
  • May 8 meet & greet dinner
  • Concerts: May 8 Jeff Harnar, May 10 Clotilde, May 14 Showcase and May 16 Finale

Or à la carte sessions and shows:

  • Singing at workshop sessions ($75 each)
  • Auditing workshop sessions ($50 each)
  • Shows range from $15-$45

Financial Aid is available upon request. Please contact